Sunday, August 19, 2012

Michigan Love: Post #1

It rained the first few days I was in Michigan.
It was a great opportunity to get creative when taking pictures since I couldn't necessarily walk around outside with my gear in the rain!
Andy (my nickname for her) and I spent one day watching chick-flicks, doing make-up, hair, picking outfits out, and have "girl talk" conversations. :)
Let me tell you....she can do the most amazing french braid I've EVER seen!! It looks like something out of a magazine! I wish I would have taken a picture of what she did on my hair but I forgot! :(
I did get some pictures of the rainy-but-good days. Andrea said it was weird at first to have me clicking my camera at her and everything but I think she got used to it after the first few days! ha ha! What can I say...I'm a photographer! 

Me and Andy


ha ha being nerds; yeah we're cool. :D

about to laugh, because I'm just so dang funny! ha ha :D

Andy and Tucker! :)

Rain Rain

Car rides, music blaring, laughing our heads off, good times. :)

Wet horses!

love the blonde mane. 

chocolate dairy free ice cream that we had while watching a chick flick :)
(notice the nikon cap in the corner, lol)

Tucker relaxing by the piano

Windy day! It blew a cool leaf on the car window. 

sitting in the car at the harbor

closing the door because I was getting rained on....see that cool green bokeh in the background? I was trying to capture it by getting down on the ground but that was unsuccessful. :D

At the Harbor ( Lake Huron )

Rainy day at the harbor!

I did get out one day when it was sprinkling and shoot some quick shots at a little beach spot in town. 
Um yeah this is me, not the best shot of me, lol but It was SUPER windy, and raining but I wanted a shot of myself at the lake there. I'm weird. :D (check out my hair, I appear to be eating it! ha ha!)

Beautiful Lake Huron *sigh*

Waiting on Andy while she was in the bank. 

I love this shot of the rain on the car window. 

Headlights behind us! :)

Picture post #2 coming soon! :)


  1. so glad you got to go to michigan! and lol my self-portraits I take on trips typically look like that or weirder, so no worries. ;)

  2. Oh Jo, such beautiful photos and memories here! :)

  3. Glad to see the first post up! I love all the raininess.