Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy June

That would appropriately describe the month of June. At the end of April I described it this way to a friend, "A large storm cloud is approaching....it's going to hit soon!"
It was full of craziness, traveling, & photographing like a madwoman. Even though I got to travel a lot, It was only a temporary cure for my nomad soul.
I CANNOT wait to share some photos from the weddings I've done and to introduce you to some of my amazingly awesome new friends & some amazingly awesome old ones. Also photos from my side trip to the Biltmore Estate(Which was incredible btw)
Bachelorette party in North Carolina for the bride to be!(the one wearing a skirt & belt)

It's nice to be back home and into the "swing of things". Editing like crazy while in between having to take breaks & just chill and read in the pool. I haven't just sat down and read a good book in a long time. In the midst of all that, I can't wait to get back on the road again for my next set of adventures; Traverse City in August for a friends wedding where I will actually be just attending not shooting, and then (Lord Willing) an exciting family vacation in September(we haven't been on one is almost ten years) PLUS annual church camp! Sorry for the run on sentence but I'm just pretty dang excited if you can't tell.

Two of my cousins got married in June plus one of my friends and it's just a tad bit sad for me that their names have changed and they have husbands now. I cried during my cousin Karly's wedding I'm sure people were like, "why the heck is the photographer crying?!" ha ha!
Me & Kar-Kar

Can't wait to share multiple blog posts of my adventuring!! Hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer. 

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  1. You are a true adventurer Jordan! I love these photos. You and Karly are both gorgeous. <3