Monday, September 30, 2013

TC 2013: The Rainy Day

I'm a little behind on my T-city posts! Better late than never :)

We wanted to trek out to Fishtown(Leeland) Michigan one day and (mainly) go to the Dam Candy Store. 
The morning started out with rain.
So we drank coffee and waited.
Levi tried on wigs.
We waited some more.
Grandma made cookies.
Finally we just went pretending like the rain was gone.
That didn't take the rain away but at least we got our Jelly Beans.

Oh the way back to their house while getting "high"on an assortment of jelly bean flavors, I announced that I'd always wanted a turtle. It's seriously always been a lifelong dream of mine. Well come to find out they had a turtle that they had been trying to give to a good home because most of their kids were away at college and they couldn't seem to find anyone who would take him.
So that's the story behind the turtle in the last picture.
His name is Otto.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching movies and eating ice cream. 

isn't he cute?! :)

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