Friday, January 8, 2016


I don't even know where to begin. God is SO good!! Last year was incredible. A year of growth, goodness, new things. Thinking outside the box and outside the comfort zone. 

I would have to say "Serve with Joy" was my theme this year. For I learned what it meant to have joy in everything I was doing. Jesus is my one and only, my all and all. This year, he showed me more than I could ever hope to know. To think that this is only just the beginning! That there is more, yet to be content with the now.


I have enjoyed working as an assistant manager at Family Christian but alas, all good things must come to an end. Our store will be closing January 26; it is so bittersweet! I am sad to be going but also very excited to see what God has in store next, for 2016. Thank you Jesus for bringing this job into my life. The people I have met within the company and those who I have come in contact with every day there have each held an incredible influence in my life. Thank you Jesus, for your purpose and plan! I had no idea when I started working there in December of 2014 what kind of opportunities I would have. The people I would meet! One in particular I want to mention is my dear friend Ciera. She works at another store so we met via phone conversations at work. We hit it of pretty quickly and we had Jesus conversations on the daily. 
I visited her store one day, and walked up to her saying "Give me a hug!" Needless to say she was a bit freaked out because she had no idea who I was! After "meeting" for the first time, we then got coffee and lunch one day and after that we became inseparable. She survived me. ha ha! Talk about ALL Jesus. I'm so thankful he brought this sweet friend into my life. I haven't known her that long but it feels like I have known her my whole life. We have shed tears together, prayed together, laughed together and had 3 hour long phone conversations. God has got amazing plans for her. She has such a heart to serve him. The best is yet to come my dear buddy. 

Look at that face. All the heart eyes!

me with my parents

My brother and sister-in-law celebrated one year of marriage in July. We also found out they are expecting a baby girl next March! I am SO excited for Willow Jane to join the family. Also to take all kinds of pictures, hee hee. :) 
My sister Maddy is officially dating her best friend Nate. We love him & his family! He spends a lot of time over here with our family and she spends a lot of time over at his house. Excited to see where the Lord takes them! 
Maddy & Leah both are working at a daycare. They enjoy taking care of the little kids so much. Leah enjoys having money now...ha ha! ;) 
The younger kids are all busy with school, sports, church, friends, and other activities. 
Mom & Pops are both still madly in love and being the best parents God could give us. Grateful for their lives and influence. 

                                                                                                         ::Other Happenings::

Me and my sister Leah went with some friends to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It was so neat there, and such a great reminder of God's redeeming love! Here are some photos from that summer day.

Our family get together's include Euchre tournaments, food, laughter, coffee, and a whole lot of people!
Family 2015

Tennis games with my parents & siblings, seeing my dear bestie after 3 years of being apart, family fun, roadtrips to weddings

My favorites

Family Camp, Kings Island trip, getting 10 inches cut off my hair, Switchfoot/Needtobreathe concert at White River, Philippians Summer bible class, New Years Eve with my second family

It's been a blessed year. I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds!!

Be Still. Serve. Pray.

Psalm 118:1
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    for his steadfast love endures forever!

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