Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You've seen tons of photos of baby Sawyer. You've seen his chubby cheeks, blonde hair and blue eyes. You've noticed his cuteness... :)
....and how much I love him!
What you might not have known was that he has a contrast. 
His older brother Andrew.
Seven years of puppy dog brown eyes, thick brown hair and an adorable personality to go with. He told me that the girls at school thinks he looks like Justin Bieber. (totally adorable!)

Whether we are watching Spongebob while Sawyer is sleeping, or playing baseball outside, we have a good time.
I'm glad to be his cousin and favorite babysitter. 

I love you Drew-boy!

Andrew and his many faces; he's showing off his fun personality.


  1. Oh my gosh. Andrew is soooooooo cute. <3
    He's 7 and the girls already love him. :)