Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Absence & Downton Abbey *SPOILERS!!*

Busy me.
Well, decided I just can't post my 365's on my blog all the time. So if you want to see my pic for each day you can visit my flickr!

I will pick one or two a couple times a week to follow a blog post. 
Like this one. 

56/365 ::Downton Abbey::

BEWARE - *SPOILERS for those who haven't seen Downton Abbey yet, so DO NOT read!

My sisters watched the Downton Abbey season finale a couple weeks ago. I was going to watch it with them and am very glad that they didn't let me. 
 I had never watched it, nor really had a desire too.
Although I had watched the first episode of season one back when they watched it, it just didn't do much for me.

I was bored one night so I decided to give it another try. 
Did I ever!
 I watched three episodes the first night. Then the next. Also, the night after that! I really loved the characters and was interested in the people's lives and deaths.(RIP SYBIL)
Although the current season had already ended, I found Netflix had season 1 but I couldn't find season's 2 & 3 anywhere online!
My Aunt bought the Downton Abbey UK version DVD's because they came out before the US version and she just couldn't wait that long! Ha, ha! Lucky for me, she lives close and let me borrow them. 
It took me two or three weeks to get through but last night I finished the season 3 finale. 
My favorite character from the beginning was Matthew. He's so sweet, kindhearted and handsome! 
Let me tell you. I was so mad. I actually threw my pillow accross the room in anger. I refused to believe they would do that to my Matthew. 
When I saw him driving down the road all happy, I was like "NO. OH NO, Please no!!"
Then bloop, he was gone. 


I heard that the actor wanted to be taken off the show so they killed him, because any other way would be hard to believe because of the strong bond & love that he and Mary shared. 

So, what do you like and hate about Downton Abbey? Will you be watching season 4?



  1. I was trying to get caught up on my Flickr stream and watch Downton at the same time. I was literally crying over Sybil (even though I knew it was coming) when I saw your picture; it was quite the coincidence lol. Mathew (I know that's coming too) was the only character I could really like so I'm sure not going to be in a hurry for season 4.

    1. argh, why must they hurt us this way! lol :)