Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All the Single Ladies #3: Pinteresting on Singleness

All the Single Ladies Day 3 Party over at: Just As I Am

Really enjoying this. It's really gotten me to think and ponder things.It's giving me a fresh perspective on being single. I love Meghan's attitude about it too, she is very content with where God has her and that is encouraging to me!

I went off to find some funny quotes on pinterest about being single....and got distracted by other funny quotes, but I'm back to the task at hand. :)

Sometimes I have one of those moments where I think this:

There are so many things a single person can do that they can't do if they are in a relationship. I see it as God giving me the freedom to do things for him, that I otherwise couldn't. 

A funny probability, really. I know that my guy is out there....somewhere!!

It's funny that I'm the single-never-had-a-boyfriend girl that gives advice to all my best friends on their relationships. The fact that they come to me is actually interesting. I think it's because love blinds those in relationships, and since I'm single, I can see what they can't. 

This: Just because it's funny and it's Dwight. 

A finishing thought - Waiting is good. It gives God time to prepare your future love for you and you for them. God's timing is perfect. Don't rush into it and fall in love with the first cute guy that comes along. God knows exactly who you need to fit. He's got the last piece of the puzzle that you can't even see yet. I feel these last two Pinterest finds sum it all up perfectly.


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