Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Living Out of Reality

About a year ago, I was sure I knew God's will for my life. I plunged full speed ahead into planning for "God's will." A month later that door completely closed I felt. Then a few more months later I felt God revealed his plan for my life in an incredible way! I was all on that thought too.

I realize now, a year later and in a completely different direction that I don't always have to know God's direct will for my life. I can do things and continue on with life, and go here and there and if God doesn't want me somewhere he'll make it known. Now I'm not going to go fly to Hawaii when I don't have the money too and say "Oh, who knows if it's God's will or not." ha ha! But I can go on trips, and LIVE life! Experience things, SEE things, love, feel, and know.
One of the books I received for my 21st birthday from my sisters was John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life. It changed the way I saw things. To sum it up in my own words; He talked about not just walking through life as someone who observes, like the fans on the bleachers at a baseball game. But being an experiencer (is that even a word, lol) jumping into the game and actually playing. Feeling the bat shake as it connects with the ball, seeing first base loom up at you as you race towards it. Hear the excited screams and shouts of your fellow team mates as you round each plate.
We are alive. We are here for a purpose, the main purpose to glorify God. In everything we say, and in everything we do!
I found I was spending way too much time & energy on my computer. On my phone. On my Nook. Well, you get the picture.
I found I was more of "living" out of reality. Most of us do this. Next time you go out, whether it be at church, a wedding or the store, observe how many people are on their smart phones. That's crazy right? We are so absorbed into what people are doing that we - Get this- aren't even with at the time. At the store a mother stands scrolling through her phone while her little boy talks to her excitedly and she just nods not looking up once. Friends are "hanging out" sitting next to each other but on their phones. It's awful really. You're sitting there trying to talk to them and their going "uh huh" while you exasperated just keep talking anyway. It seems to me as if those people on their phones are saying, "What I'm doing on my phone is more important than you." Although you are supposed to be spending time or hanging out with those friends. I know this, because I've been guilty of it myself! I have friends that don't have smart phones. And I've been the one friend who is texting rudely while my friend is trying to spend time with me.
We are disconnected when we do this! Which is crazy because all of this claims to help us actually connect more! Don't get me wrong, I like to instagram and tweet just as much as any other person, but you have to learn to balance it. I'm not perfect, I haven't arrived yet and I might never. I'm slowly learning though to put the phone down, have a real conversation with someone and connect with them RIGHT in front of you - verses with your 300 friends on facebook or texting your school chums that you see everyday. This person is here with you right now. Devote your time to that person while you are there with them.
God gave you THIS moment, right now. So put down your phone and dive head first into that moment, and live.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  1. wow, I totally needed to hear this today Jordan. Amen. thanks so much for sharing your heart-it touched me.

  2. YES. A huge pet peeve of mine is when people text/mess around on their phones at social events. It causes them to not only be incredibly rude, but to miss out on a lot of awesome stuff.

    So yeah, I like this lots. *bookmarks*

  3. Wow, such words of wisdom here Jo. It hits deep...

  4. Could your words be more true? Nope. You are so inspiring Jo! Keep up the good work dear!

  5. Hey, lady! I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I was here visiting! You photos are beautiful, I always love seeing other photographers photo blogs! As well as reading about their lives, too!

    I popped on over through Meghan at Just As I Am's blog. Keep rockin' it, girl!

  6. Thank you guys!! Praise the Lord!!

  7. AMEN. I agree SOOOO much. :)
    Great reminder. Love you! <3

  8. Thanks for sharing...true not just for phones, but also online in general, especially for those of us who have some kind of online jobs (or do a lot of school online!) It can be so easy to be consumed with the next email or notification. :)