Monday, May 6, 2013

Baseball Fever

I love baseball!
My younger brother Ben is playing this year for a christian homeschool team. I've been enjoying watching his games so much. I took their team picture and also some during the games. I love the atmosphere of a baseball game and I find myself taking more pictures of the players in the dugout or talking among each other instead of actually playing. Not always the best thing since parents want to see their kids in action, ha ha but that's what I love!

*as I write this I am watching the Reds vs. Braves game with my family. GO REDS!

My brother Ben

In the dugout

Ben at bat

Trying to steal a base

Getting advice from Coach Greg

Racing home

Kings Junior High 2013


  1. This makes me homesick for ball diamonds, sunflower seeds, and dusty summer afternoons. Do you think Ben could talk Andy into playing again for me? ;) haha.

  2. Great captures Jo! :)
    Baseball games are awesome.. we had two at the same time last night...craziness. :)

  3. You captured it perfectly Jordsn! Aren't you glad we have a family who loves baseball!!