Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Midst of the Storm

Last week I wanted to post this, because it's some of the simple things that made my week happy. There were a lot of troubles that week, a lot of things that just kept happening all at once. Car troubles, computer troubles, swamped with work and LIFE. I rolled with the punches, broke down and had a good cry a few times, but in between all of that somethings popped in shedding some joy. Whether it came in the mail, ended up on my doorstep or the was in the happiness of a seven year old, it cheered me in those moments.

A gorgeous, beautiful print that I bought off of etsy and framed. More prints coming to my house from her soon. :)
Check out Katie's shop.

My little brother got the entire Avenger's action hero collection for his birthday. He was so so SO happy. :)

Back in March my 12 year old brother let me know he got me a gift. But it wasn't coming until April.
I got that gift this week. It was a Psych mug!!!! He saved up all of his points from the past two years(points he earned from being a part of Club Psych)and used them to buy me a mug! For my birthday. It was the most special gift ever and I love my mug so super much.  <3 

The back size has quotes!!
"Are you a fan of delicious flavor?" 

The bicycle necklace I got from Got matching earrings too! <3 Made me happy this week. I got it for 25% off, free shipping and jewelry was bogo 1/2 off. hee hee!

The beautiful strawberry mug to add to my collection of strawberry things that are in my cedar chest for my kitchen someday. It was a nice surprise to find on my doorstep where a friend left it while I was away. 
<3 it. 
Berry Tea and a cozy quilt during a rain. Nothing is better.

Sums up the things that made me happy. Little things, simple things but the most lovely things.
Thank you Lord for these little God-Sent gifts in the most troubling time of the day.
They lifted my spirits.
After all, it's the small things that set our hearts to soaring.


  1. oh I loved this! it is the small things in life that make up life, isn't it? Its not so much big things but the little happiness-es that make us smile each day. man, I love your object have such a distinct and lovely editing style. love it. oh, and I haven't forgotten @ your blog header! I have that in the back of my head and need to chat with you soon about ideas! love ya!

  2. Love this! It is so true about the simple things, I am constantly discovering wonderful new little things that make my day so much better.

  3. Beautiful photos! That was so sweet of Ben. I love delicious flavor thank you. Hehehe....
    I know what you mean, life can get sooo busy and it feels like you never get a break. But then a little thing comes along and it's God saying "I love You!"
    I love you Jo! You're so beautiful. :)

  4. It's great that little things can brighten your day. :) I really need to remember to appreciate little blessings God gives's often hard to remember to be thankful when there's so much sadness, uncertainty, assorted troubles and LIFE, like you said.

    These pictures are pretty; the light, focus and editing all look interesting. :)
    I'm afraid I haven't really been keeping up with any blogs recently (except for a few friends' Wordpress blogs, which have the option of subscribing by e-mail), which is pretty bad since you and other friends have commented on my blog and I haven't returned the favor recently...but I'll try to do so at least occasionally; not having Internet access at home except for on my iPhone (due to living in the country) can be inconvenient.