Tuesday, January 22, 2013

13/365 Through 19/365

Here is a weeks worth of my 365 project! :) 

Day 13
Late night, busy day, last minute 365 -

Day 14
Always wanted to get a shot like this. Not quite like I planned but it turned out ok. 

Day 15
Wind turbines north of where I live, these things are so surreal!

Day 16
Gorgeous winter sunset one night! It was like fire floating across the sky!

Day 17
He's getting so big! :(

Day 18
Waffles for breakfast + my aunts awesome newly painted yellow kitchen. So cheery.

Day 19
Super cold winter day and I didn't go anywhere so I had to settle for the dead rose bushes in my backyard. :)


  1. These are incredible, Jordan!! :D The one with the little boy is soooo cute!

  2. Love the sunset, it was SO fiery that night!

  3. I love the bible on the stairs. It's my fav. :)

  4. love! that one with the binky in his mouth is too much. :P adorbs.

  5. Thanks all of you awesome ladies!