Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Days of January

I can't believe it's been a month already!!
Then again, I kind of can. 
It's been a good month; FIRST month so far! So much has already happened. 
How has your first month of 2013 been? 

Day 30
Everyone loves cheeseburgers. This is a fresh one, like eating home made; it's from a local restaurant that's a hometown favorite. I was running errands at 3:00pm and started crashing because I hadn't eaten anything all day - and had drank 2 cups of coffee. Yikes!

Day 31
:The Wood Chair:
I looked for something different for my last day. Found this cool chair that "appeared" on my Aunt's front porch. Since she recently moved in, she's still unpacking and pulling little treasures from the garage.
Happy 1 month of 365 completed!

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  1. I know it still feels like it should be Christmas! Great pictures